About This Website

Welcome to my website about Sorensensistem ™ therapies. I live and work on the Roseland Peninsular in Cornwall where I have my own reflexology therapy practice. I am the first qualified Sorensensistem ™ facial reflexologist in Cornwall, England, UK.

I’ve created this website to promote what I consider to be one of the most advanced and comprehensive forms of facial reflexology to be found anywhere in the world and it is now available here in the UK.

I am not a great computer or internet fan, but I do realise the immense communication power of the internet. Therefore I would like to thank my web-designer Mike at Pixelspring, for helping me to create this independent site about Sorensensistem™ therapies. If you wish to contact me please visit my personal website www.grahamsluter.com for contact details.


www.facereflexology.info is an independent website promoting Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem ™ in Cornwall, England, UK. by Graham Sluter ITEC (Dip)

Graham’s main website is grahamsluter.com