Sorensensistem™ Resources

This page is dedicated to promoting some of Lone Sorensen’s Sorensensistem™ official web links, information and articles which are highly relevant to my therapy work – i.e. recommended reading suggested by Graham Sluter for potential Sorensensistem™ students and clients.

Sorensensistem™ International Instructors

You can find a list of accredited Sorensensistem™ Instructors by following this link:
Sorensensistem™ International Instructors

Sorensensistem™ UK Qualified Therapists

You can find a list of qualified UK therapists at – UK Therapists

Sorensensistem™ Worldwide Qualified Therapists

At present not all the Sorensensistem™ International Schools list their qualified students. Therefore in my opinion the best way to find a therapist worldwide is to try looking under ‘Exam therapists’ on – International Therapists as listed here are truly inspirational qualified therapists who continue to fully support Lone Sorensen’s charity work with their annual membership listing on Lone’s Global Facial Network.

Case Studies

Case studies are available at the Case Study page