Lone Sorensen’s organisation, based in Barcelona, Spain, has qualified instructors worldwide. They are personally trained and regularly updated in their training by Lone herself.

Lone was not only my UK teacher when I was a Sorensensistem™ facial reflexology student, but as I continued to study her post graduate additional advanced reflexology techniques and Temprana Reflex Therapy, she became my mentor and friend. In 2009 Lone invited me to Barcelona to work along side her on her 2009 “Instructor Training Course” so I can vouch for the quality and care Lone personally shows to all her instructors to ensure her unique reflexology techniques are taught correctly and consistently throughout the world.

In the spring season of 2009 I was invited and accepted to work as a specialist at the Merlin MS Centre (multiple sclerosis) here in Cornwall UK. Lone personally took a keen interest in my MS work at this centre, as at that time I was also studying Temprana Reflex Therapy www.temprana.org with Lone who has so much experience and information to share from around the world with her instructors and students who are also working with serious neurological disorders.

Why Sorensensistem ™ Facial Reflexology?

Since I qualified as a foot and hand reflexologist in the year 2002 I have been interested to learn more about Facial Reflexology and its technical application as it was mentioned to me by my original reflexology tutors as a specialist and effective form of reflexology which works alongside and with traditional foot and hand reflexology. That is why when Lone Sorensen came to the UK I enrolled into her Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem ™ course to ensure I was able to study the most comprehensive and receive the best professional training in facial reflexology from the world’s most distinguished facial reflexology teacher.

Finding a therapist

My advice to any person searching for a facial reflexologist is to always check that the reflexologist has proper professional facial reflexology qualifications - for me the most recognisable international facial reflexology qualification is “The Facial Reflex Therapy Diploma Course” by Lone Sorensen