About Facial Reflexology and its founder

Lone Sorensen
Danish Reflexologist Lone Sorensen started pioneering and developing her own therapeutic method called Neuro-Reflex Therapy back in 1978, evolving her method into a global movement of today.

Her aim is to offer a very effective therapy to promote natural healing and combat illness and disease worldwide.

Her approaches and techniques have been inspired by ancient practices of acupuncture and acupressure from numerous eastern cultures and are mostly based on the Tibetan medical practices and philosophies, as well as additional methods including different microsystems with scientific research of Dr. Yamamoto YNSA – (Japan), Dr. Castillo Morales – (Argentina), Dr. Wong – (USA), Dr. Chau – (Vietnam), Maria Perez – (Argentina), and Dr. J. Bossy – (France).

The International Institute of Reflexology is based in Barcelona, with representation and recognition worldwide. Each Sorensensistem therapist is personally trained and evaluated by Lone Sorensen herself, to ensure the highest level of practice.

Over the years, Lone further developed, and is still developing focused advanced courses for the treatment of specific health conditions, and continues to research, study, and teach her life’s work worldwide.