Study Facial Reflexology – The original Lone Sorensen method

Professional Diploma education online (all 5 modules) with Lone, and 16 hours of Hands-On-Training with accredited practitioners in the UK

Join us in our mission to bring greater awareness of the immense health benefits of Facial Reflex Therapy and enjoy a rewarding career while helping others thrive.

Whether you are changing you career, or adding to your existing skillset of therapies, please get in touch with Angela, Shermine or Zeena.

For more info and registration for the online training, please follow this link:

Hands on trainers

Hands on Trainers UK:

Angela Sellens Drake (Norwich):

tel: +44 7948 129 273

Shermine Boustany (London):

tel: +44 7740 764 611

Zeena Keast (Berkshire):

tel: +44 7485 154 558

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